Video Poker Rules

If you have ever played poker before then you may be fully aware that it can take some time to pick up the rules and be able to play other people with some sort of awareness. As such, you may be a little reticent to pick up the rules of a completely different poker game, such as the video poker rules for example. However, whether you have a working knowledge of regular poker rules or not you will have no problem picking up video poker rules as they are incredibly simple. In fact, they provide a refreshing change to those of Texas Hold’Em.

The Basic Video Poker Rules

Video poker rules are incredible straightforward and should not take much time for you to pick up at all. The deck of cards that is displayed the machine is digitally shuffled before you are dealt your five initial cards. You will be asked to place your bet before you see any of the cards at all, which is a major change from regular poker. In many cases, the video poker machines actually restrict the level of your bet so you will have a minimum and a maximum level to adhere to. However, once you have placed your bet, you can then press the “Deal” button and reveal your five cards.

The five cards your are dealt under video poker rules make up your starting hand but you do not have to keep any of them in your final hand. You can choose to keep them if you get a good hand but you can discard them all in favour of fresh cards if you so wish. When you have chosen the cards that you will stick with, if any, you should press the “Deal” button again to replace those you do not want. You have to stick with the second hand you get under video poker rules but you do not have to claim the win because the machine will analyse your hand for you and pay out if you have won.

Learning The Hands

Video poker rules actively dictate the hands that will win and there are a limited number of hands that result in a payout. Numbered pairs never ever win in video poker. You have to have at least two Jacks or higher to win, with some video poker machines only paying out on two pairs or higher. In fact, the common winning hands are two pair, three of a kind, four of a kind, a straight, a flush, a full house, a straight flush or a royal flush. All of those hands will earn you a little money under the video poker rules, but the amount you win is determined by how good your hand is and how much you have wagered.