Slot Machine Strategy

There are various systems and strategies that players can use to maximize the challenge and excitement of slots. Arguably the most famous of slots strategies in gambling, the Martingale System is based on the idea that if bettors lose, they should double their first wager on the next bet they make. The assumption underlying this betting system is that the law of averages will win out so eventually the bettor will win. In theory, by doubling their bets, bettors can not only win the money they have lost but they can also make a profit in the process.

The Anti-Martingale Method 

In the Anti-martingale method, on a losing bet, players should cut their next bet in half. On a winning bet, however, bettors should double the bet. This strategy may make sense given that approximately fifty per cent of slot machine spins are losses. Also, in the Anti-martingale Method, there is the added benefit that when bettors lose they practice some degree of money management. Conversely, too, when bettors get on a hot streak, they can build a bankroll relatively quickly.

Play the Highest Percentage 

Players should always play games with the highest percentages. Slots games have varied payout percentages, which normally range between 70 to 98 percent. Whether online, or in an actual casino, this strategy suggests that success will come from always playing the machine with the highest payout percentage.

Promotions and Bonuses 

Another strategy to maximize earnings is to sign up for casino promotions and bonuses. This type of strategy might not influence payouts but players might earn bonuses for reaching certain benchmarks in their games. In an actual casino, players may need to consult the machine instructions or ask for assistance while online, players may find bonus information in the “help” section of individual sites.

Play the Maximum 

Bettors should know that many slot machines require a specific number of coins for players to be eligible for the jackpot. Consequently, players should always play the maximum amount of coins required. This will upgrade their chances of winning the jackpot payout.

Money Management 

Finally, players should have a money management method decided upon before they start playing. Perhaps the best strategy as far as money management goes is to establish a bankroll with strict limits. Bettors who establish a bankroll and keep to a strict budget have a much easier time of playing within their own limits. Bettors should never bet beyond their limits. Managing your money and knowing your limits are two of the best strategies for enjoying slots.