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Slot Machine

Slots are likely the most well known and easily recognizable facet of any gaming casino. Their straight forward nature and ease of play make them a very accessible game genre for gamblers of any region and any degree of seriousness when it comes to gaming. Our website has all the information one needs to make informed decisions about playing slots and we offer links to the premier online slots slots bonus. Please view the list below for our hand selected slots strategies destinations.

The World Of Slot Machines

The father of all casino games: The slot 

If you have ever walked in to a casino, truck stop, or any bar where electronic gaming is legal, chances are you have seen a slot machine. Brightly colored, full of sound and always ready to entice players with promises of big money, these machines have made their mark on societies everywhere.

From penny slots to high stakes, these machines and their following have established a place in our lives since their late 19th century inception. Enjoying a very basic original design, slots have grown from simple lever-operated reel machines to complex video games, continually adding variation and new methods of interaction with their players. What once only had one option of play, slots now have graduated payment levels, mini games and  offer complex play for high risk, high reward enthusiasts.

The slot machine's move to the web

Download slots made their way onto the internet during the 1990’s with the emergence of online casinos. Since, many online casinos have added slots to their repertoire; some have gone so far as to offer exclusively slot machine oriented gaming. Many casinos with online slot machines offer regular promotions in the form of bonuses, free spins and progressive jackpots for new and returning customers alike. 

While slots found at online gaming destinations closely mimic their casino floor counterparts, they offer advantages to help players increase their chances at winning. Some of these advantages include the ability to play multiple slots at once, roll-over bonuses and payment calculations for online slots, as opposed to land-based slots, which are slightly more in favor of the player. Not only that, but with online slot machines you can play from the comfort of your own home.