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Roulette is a game associated with intrigue, lavish lifestyles and instant riches, it's for this reason, and many others, that roulette systems has enjoyed so much popularity, online and live.  That is why we have dedicated a whole section to the game—Tips, strategies, histories, roulette bonus and much more. Have a look around, we have excellent online roulette bonuses, and who knows, you might learn something!  

Roulette Variations

If you have yet to look closely at the roulette wheel in several casinos online and offline then you would be forgiven for assuming that there is only one type of roulette available to play. In fact, there are many roulette variations out there for you to access today, three to be exact. Although all three roulette variations have the same basic rules, they feature at least one fundamental difference that allows you to easily identify which version you are playing. The differences are easy to learn and play with but knowledge of them ion advance may well provide you with a better chance of winning!

European Roulette

European roulette is the one of the roulette variations that is common in most online and offline casinos. This was the first version to invade casinos and so has the exact rules of the game that you need to learn first. As it was the first roulette game, the other two roulette variations were based on it but have slight differences that tend to give the house a greater advantage in the game of chance! Learning European roulette gives you a firm knowledge base to work from if you are planning on enjoying a few games online every now and again and makes it much easier to play the two further variations – French and American roulette.

French Roulette

French roulette is easily the most complex of the roulette variations. It differs from European roulette in several ways but has changed greatly in the past few decades as well. Now it offers the best chance to win against the house that there has ever been in this variation as a result of new rules that cut the house chances of winning in half! Although there is only one 0 tray to worry about, the En Prison rule means that the house has to win two consecutive spins in order to win should the ball land on it. Should the ball land on the 0, all bets are effectively taken hostage and it is possible for you to win all the ships if you win the next spin. If nobody does win it then the house finally triumphs.

American Roulette

American roulette is one of the simplest roulette variations to learn but it is also the most biased towards the house. European and French roulette only have one 0 tray but the American roulette wheel effectively has two. With a 0 and a 00 tray, the house chance of winning is effectively doubled. If you want to improve your chances of winning, stay away from this one of the roulette variations online, although you will find that it is incredibly rare online because casinos have found that people will go elsewhere to improve their advantage!

Online Popularity

Wherever the Internet can be accessed, roulette online is played. If you’ve played this table game at a land-based casino and then go to play it online, you’ll notice some differences. Unlike at a land casino, roulette online is played with one player per table. That means you’re the only one wagering at your table. Because there is just one person per table wagering and the game is computerized, the online game is much faster. Some enjoy the more "serene" environment, where they can better focus on their betting. This is just one of the roulette rules