Poker Bonus

A good poker bonus is really important for a new player, who is really looking to enhance his bankroll. By scoring a lucrative poker bonus when you sign up to a new online poker room, you will have a definite edge, as you ultimately will have more money to play poker with. Don’t miss any opportunity to grab a poker bonus. The best poker bonus awaits you at one of our featured poker rooms listed below.

How Do I Get the Best Poker Bonus?

All online poker rooms offer a new player bonus, but some are better than others. If you research how to get the best poker bonus, you will find that we can offer better bonuses to new players who use our bonus codes than players who sign up directly through the poker room. Our bonuses are higher because we negotiate deals with our advertised poker sites, so that we can offer you the highest bonuses possible for the top poker rooms. Follow the links to the poker rooms located throughout our site, and you will always get the best poker bonus available.

What is a Deposit Bonus?

A deposit bonus at an online poker room is simply an incentive provided by the site to entice new players to signup and is a great way to get extra money into your player account. Deposit bonuses typically comes in the 100% up to $600 format. The percentage rate is the match of your deposit that the room is willing to make. The dollar amount is the maximum bonus value that the poker room is willing to give you for free. For example, 100% up to $100 would give you 100% of your deposit back, up to $100. To get the max potential out of this bonus, deposit $100 and have $200 to play with. Alternatively, a $20 deposit would yield only $40 to play with.

Poker Bonus Variations

There are different poker bonus variations you will come across. The most common is the bonus described above. Another is a multi-deposit bonus that spreads a bonus out across two or more deposits. These bonuses can provide you with up to $1000+ in potential bonus cash. A less common deposit bonus has no minimum deposit match requirement, just a maximum cap on how much bonus you can earn. These bonuses require you to simply play poker to earn your bonus. For example, a poker room may offer a deposit bonus up to $500. You could deposit $10 and still get the $500 max bonus, as long as you earn enough player points by playing real money poker.